The pMVA-1 Lipid Complex for Injection developed by WestVac Biopharm was Granted Patents for Inventions in China, the United States and Japan
In September 2023, pMVA-1 lipid complex for injection, an oncology immune agent (WSK-IM02), independently developed by a team of WestVac Biopharm scientists, has obtained authorization from the United States Patent Office after undergoing patent examination. Together with the previously granted patents in China and Japan, this project has received patent authorizations in China, the United States, and Japan, giving it a leading advantage globally.

Ovarian cancer ranks as the third most common cancer in the female reproductive system in China, following cervical cancer and malignant tumor of the uterine corpus. The incidence rate has been increasing, and it is the leading cause of mortality among malignant tumors of the female reproductive system, posing a serious health threat to women.

Currently, the treatment options for ovarian cancer are limited, mainly involving surgery and chemotherapy. In recent years, with the advancement of new technologies, immunotherapy has shown promising results in various solid tumors, opening up new directions for the treatment of ovarian cancer. The pMVA-1 lipid complex for injection developed by WestVac Biopharm, as a novel tumor immunotherapy, offers an innovative option for ovarian cancer treatment.

The main components of the pMVA-1 lipid complex (WSK-IM02) are pMVA-1 plasmids and cationic adjuvants. Currently, it primarily targets the treatment of advanced ovarian cancer. The main mechanism of action involves the pMVA-1 plasmids entering the cells after the injection of WSK-IM02 into the abdominal cavity. The plasmid DNA binds to the cGAS sensor receptor on the inner surface of the cell membrane, activating the STING pathway and dendritic cells, releasing type I interferon, and inhibiting tumor growth. Pharmacology and safety evaluation preclinical trials have demonstrated that WSK-IM02 exhibits strong anti-tumor effects in abdominal tumors such as ovarian cancer, cervical cancer, and sarcomas, with good safety profiles.

The technical innovation project - pMVA-1 lipid complex for injection by WestVac Biopharm has been authorized in China, the United States, and Japan, which greatly promotes the innovative development of biotechnology in China, while expanding our technological advantages. This will accelerate the rapid implementation of the project and lay a solid foundation for the upcoming global application of the product. Thanks to the innovative immunotherapy driven by WestVac Biopharm’s technology, so much more could be expected from clinical immunotherapy”, introduced by relevant person in charge at WestVac Biopharm.